An overview of the different badges available in our community, their significance, and the benefits they offer.

Fundamental Badge

The Fundamental Badge is awarded to users who not only make significant contributions through coding but also excel in various key areas critical to our project's growth and outreach. This badge celebrates individuals who go beyond coding to:

  • 🛡️ Ensure a safe and inclusive environment

  • 🚀 Promote the project within the open-source community

  • 🎬 Tell our story through compelling videos

  • 🎨 Engage in branding and rebranding efforts

  • 🌐 Enhance accessibility for all users

  • 🤝 Forge stronger connections with our user base

  • 🚀 Optimize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and App Store Optimization (ASO)

  • 🏠 Design and improve our digital presence

  • 📣 Boost our visibility on social media platforms

  • 🔍 Participate in the enhancement of features through feedback and testing

This badge symbolizes the foundational impact these contributors have, signifying their critical role in the project's development and improvement. With a x3.0 multiplier effect, the badge not only acknowledges their versatility and commitment but also grants a 200% bonus on top of the base amount, reflecting the high value of their diverse contributions.

Backer Badge

The Backer Badge is a special recognition given to those who support the project through Discord boosting or by becoming GitHub sponsor subscribers. This badge not only acknowledges the financial support that is crucial for the project's growth and sustainability, but it also comes with a multiplier effect of x2.0. This translates into a 100% bonus on top of the base amount, highlighting the significant value and appreciation for the backers' contributions. By boosting on Discord or subscribing on GitHub, backers play a key role in empowering the development team and ensuring the continuous improvement of the project.

Early-Adopter Badge

The Early-Adopter Badge is an exclusive honor awarded to the first 5000 registered users who have shown their unwavering support from the very beginning. This badge not only commemorates their pioneering spirit but also rewards them with a multiplier effect of x1.5, equating to a 50% bonus on the base amount. Early adopters are instrumental in shaping the project's direction and growth, and this badge is a token of recognition for their crucial contributions and faith in the project's potential.

Pioneer Badge

The Pioneer Badge is awarded to the first 25,000 registered users who joined the community in its early stages, following the initial trailblazers. This badge celebrates their keen foresight and contributions, enhancing their engagement with a 20% bonus on the base amount, reflected as a x1.2 multiplier. Pioneers play a vital role in building and nurturing the project's ecosystem, offering valuable feedback and support as the platform evolves.

Teacher Badge

The Teacher Badge represents a prestigious recognition for language teachers in our community, highlighting their incredible dedication to spreading knowledge and facilitating language learning. It is awarded to those educators who not only display an extraordinary commitment and proficiency in teaching but also actively contribute to the growth of understanding and communication amongst members.

Earning this badge signifies that an educator has been identified for their relentless efforts and innovation in language education, further motivating them with a 10% bonus on their base earnings, a benefit realized through a x1.1 multiplier on their standard remuneration. This incentive aims to foster continuous engagement and excellence among teachers, thereby enhancing the linguistic diversity and skill sets within our community.

To get this badge, please introduce yourself as a teacher to our Discord. This step is essential for those seeking acknowledgment of their contribution and interested in joining a network of esteemed educators who make a difference every day.

Creator Badge

The Creator Badge is awarded to those who enrich our community with their creativity and original content. This badge is for you if you are involved in any of the following activities:

  • Crafting informative blog posts

  • Sharing insightful social media posts about us

  • Creating engaging memes

  • Reporting bugs

  • Producing any form of creative contribution

Like the Teacher Badge, the Creator Badge comes with a 10% bonus on base earnings, represented by a x1.1 multiplier to your standard remuneration, acknowledging and promoting your creative endeavors. To earn this badge, showcase your creations or report bugs by contributing to our Discord. This initiative is aimed at recognizing and rewarding the unique talents within our community, encouraging a vibrant tapestry of content that drives connection and growth among members.

Bonus Percentages

The badges serve as multipliers for the previously calculated amount, adding a percentage bonus on top of the initial amount. This bonus increases cumulatively with the number of badges acquired. For additional details, please refer to the Distribution page.

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