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An introduction to LangX Copilot, an AI-powered tool designed to enhance your language learning experience with personalized feedback and privacy-focused features.

Introducing LangX Copilot, an innovative AI-powered tool designed to revolutionize your language learning journey. This feature-rich platform offers personalized feedback to enhance your skills as you practice in real-time with others. With LangX, your privacy is paramount, providing feedback directly to you in a distinct and confidential manner. as you converse with language partners. Built on the ethos of community-driven development and user privacy, LangX stands out as an open-source alternative that promises a unique and efficient language learning experience, powered by the advanced capabilities of AI. Join us as we delve into the exciting features of LangX Copilot, your 24/7 AI language learning companion.

Personalized Feedback Feature

One of the standout features of LangX Copilot is the personalized feedback mechanism designed to elevate your language learning process. Here's how it works:

  • Privacy by Design: Situated in the top right corner of any chat room interface, you will find a discrete toggle button. This powerful feature activates the Copilot’s personalized feedback system.

  • In-the-Moment Corrections: While engaging in conversation with others, activating this toggle allows you to receive real-time, AI-driven feedback. This ensures that you can immediately learn from any mistakes or refine your language use without breaking the flow of your conversation.

  • See Your Feedback, Privately: The feedback provided through this system is meant only for your eyes. These color-coded messages pop up within the chat room, giving you a clear, visual cue of areas for improvement, all while keeping your learning journey confidential.

This innovative approach ensures a supportive, non-intrusive, and highly personalized language learning experience with LangX Copilot.

Revolutionize Your Language Learning

LangX Copilot is an avant-garde AI-powered tool that transforms how you learn languages. This innovative platform is your ultimate 24/7 companion in mastering a new language with efficiency and ease.

Privacy-Focused Feedback

At the core of LangX is the commitment to your privacy. The Copilot feature provides personalized feedback directly to you in a confidential manner as you practice. This is facilitated through a discreet toggle feature accessible in the top right corner of any chat room. Only you can view these distinct, color-coded feedback messages, ensuring your learning journey remains private.

Community-Driven and Open Source

LangX differentiates itself not just through its AI capabilities but also by embodying a community-driven, open-source ethos. Unlike other language exchange apps, LangX places a premium on user privacy and community input, offering an unparalleled language learning experience that's both comprehensive and user-centric.


  • Personalized AI Feedback: Get instant, personalized feedback as you engage in real-time language practice with others.

  • Privacy at the Forefront: Feedback is delivered privately within chat rooms with a unique color code, ensuring only you can see it.

  • Community-Driven Development: As a 100% open-source project, LangX thrives on community contributions and feedback.

  • Comprehensive Learning Experience: Beyond AI feedback, LangX aims to offer a wide range of features designed to support your language learning journey in a holistic manner.

Coming Soon

The LangX team is tirelessly working on introducing more features to support your language learning endeavors. Stay tuned for upcoming updates, including more AI-driven support tools designed to make your language learning process as smooth as possible.

Join the LangX community today to experience a new era of language learning powered by AI and shaped by a commitment to privacy and community involvement. Your journey towards mastering a new language starts here.

While we are an application of exchange, culturally the same as linguistically, we still offer the opportunity to use a well trained AI-companion, whom is available 24/7. This feature is also one of the main purposes of the LangX Token.

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